Support us

Interested in working with us?

All our workers are safely recruited, trained and where relevant we conduct DBS checks

  • Counselling: In the centre we counsel clients who are in distress due to   pregnancy, or who are struggling following any sort or baby loss. If you feel that this is an area you may be interested in exploring and are prepared to undergo training, please use our contact page.
  • Administration: If this is your particular interest and you feel you may be able to support us in this way, please get in touch via our contact page.

Financial Support

We are always grateful for donations so your support enables us to maintain this service.

Monthly donations allow us to plan what income we have available which is very helpful, but one off donations are also appreciated. Also if you are a tax payer we can claim back the tax on donations if you complete a Gift Aid Form. For details of how to set up a standing order, our bank details so you can make a  donation or to receive a gift aid form, please get in touch via our contact us page giving your address and we will send you the relevant information.

If you shop online, by logging on through shop2fundraise and selecting CedarOak Support Trust as your charity before putting items in your shopping basket, you can donate money to us without it costing you any more. There is even a handy icon you can download that reminds you every time you are shopping on a site that could give us money.


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