Feedback from clients

 Feedback from a client who had an abortion and was struggling.

“Doing the Post abortion recovery programme at CedarOak had made me more emotionally stable and able to cope with difficult situations and has given me a better self image about myself and helped me learn to forgive myself and others. I found the session where I went through the details of the abortion and specifically my baby helpful because it helped me let down a barrier and get a weight off my chest”

Feedback from a stillbirth client.

“It’s been amazing! I’ve been helped so much. Having someone to talk to has been very comforting. Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to heal.”

Feedback from a miscarriage client.

“The programme has helped me immensly. It has been difficult many times but it has worked for me.”

Feedback from a male post abortion client

“This programme has been fantastic and I would surmise, maybe even saved my life. I now feel so much better about myself and the situation. This has turned one of the blackest times of my life into a positive motivator. I can’t thank you enough.”             .

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