Keeping the Baby

Keeping the Baby

Perhaps you would like to carry on with the pregnancy and keep the baby, but your circumstances make that difficult.

  • Your may be unsure about your relationship with the baby's father.
  • Your partner may be reluctant or unwilling to father a child and you don't know whether you could cope with being a single parent.
  • You may still be at school or college and wonder how you would be able to continue your studies.
  • You may have financial or housing concerns.

Whatever your circumstances, it is important that you don’t feel forced into making a decision that may not be right for you in the long term.

The counsellors here at CedarOak can help you talk through any anxious thoughts or feelings you may have about your pregnancy or becoming a mum. They can direct you to information about practical issues, such as housing, money and childcare that will help you make a balanced decision that you can live with.

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