Making a decision

Making a decision

If you are pregnant, you might be:

  • Feeling confused, anxious or lonely
  • Finding it hard to think clearly or make decisions
  • Lacking support from family, friends or your partner

What choices do I have?

  • Continue with the pregnancy and keep the baby
  • Continue with the pregnancy and release the baby for adoption
  • Have an abortion

At CedarOak we can offer:

  • Somewhere safe and confidential to talk to about how you are feeling
  • Caring, impartial information and support
  • Time for you to talk, think and be listened to

You could think about some of the questions below. It may help to write some thoughts down and look at the pages on adoption and abortion.

  • What would I gain or lose if I had an abortion?
  • What would I gain or lose if I kept the baby?
  • What would I gain or lose if I release the baby for adoption?
  • What makes pregnancy difficult at the moment?

Look at the lists you have made and see if everything is equally important. Do all those things really make a big difference in your life?

We want to help you come to the best decision for you, so do contact us.

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