Had an Abortion?

Had an Abortion?

For some women, their abortion is something they feel they have come to terms with, but for others they feel that it is a painful part of their lives - something that affects them deeply, even if they felt they were making the right decision at the time.

Is it normal to feel like this?

If you had an abortion recently or a long time ago, you may initially have felt relief but now feel numb or be experiencing emotions like grief, guilt or anger.  You may have experienced symptoms such as:

  • Finding it difficult to be near babies or pregnant women
  • Difficulties sleeping or disturbing dreams
  • Feeling the need to have another baby
  • Finding it hard to keep going just doing the normal things
  • Depressed feelings
  • Tearfulness
  • Problems with your relationship resulting from the abortion
  • Feeling distant from your children or over-protective of them

I had an abortion a long time ago...

If you had an abortion a long time ago, maybe something has happened recently in your life and has made you think about it again. Perhaps you're finding it hard to carry on with your life as you did before. This may be the first time you've allowed yourself to really think about what happened and how your abortion has affected you.

What help is there for me?

At CedarOak we run a one-to-one recovery programme that supports you, helping and equipping you to come to terms with your decision to have an abortion, the emotions involved now and then, and enabling you to move forward in a positive way.

If you would like to find out more please contact us via our website link.

 Feedback from a client who had an abortion and was struggling.

"Doing the Post abortion recovery programme at CedarOak had made me more emotionally stable and able to cope with difficult situations and has given me a better self image about myself and helped me learn to forgive myself and others. I found the session where I went through the details of the abortion and specifically my baby helpful because it helped me let down a barrier and get a weight off my chest."

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