Support From CedarOak in Crisis Pregnancy

Support from CedarOak in Crisis Pregnancy

An unexpected pregnancy is a hard thing to face - that’s why we’re here.

Finding out that you are pregnant when it has not been planned can be confusing and frightening.  You may not know who to talk to, or where you can go for help.  You may be faced with choices that have no easy answers.  CedarOak offers you somewhere you can come and find help and information to think through your options.

What we offer:

  • Help to think through all the options
  • Pre-abortion consultations
  • Post abortion recovery programme
  • Support following a miscarriage, still birth or neo-natal death
  • Continuing support whatever you decide

If you think any of this would be helpful or would like to talk about how we could help - please do get in touch

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